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Before we explain the inherent advantages and obvious benefits that Groundshield® can bring to your building project, lets briefly go back to Gothenburg 1992…

Curt Ingestrom, a Swedish engineer announces his simple foundation solution for domestic house builders. Well before the rest of us in Europe were concerned with greenhouse gases, escalating fuel prices and the environment in general, the folk in Sweden were already looking for a solution that would allow them to build homes that retained heat, protected the occupiers from severe weather conditions and was relatively quick and easy to construct. The breakthrough however happened when the Engineers created L shaped EPS (expanded polystyrene) elements and laid them together to form the outline shape of the building.

The obvious place to start was the foundation, after all that’s where most building work begins. There were already a number of systems that dealt with extremely low temperatures but they were expensive and relied on either complicated rafts, very thick layers of concrete or in some cases stilts, which are still popular in very rural locations and where there are persistent damp issues.

By using various grades of EPS (expanded polystyrene) and by adding hardcore/concrete they were able to lay the foundation in double quick time with general building skills and were able to get maximum results. Further research and experiments gave them more data and ideas of how to develop the theory so that it could become a genuine and practical domestic product. Over the years there have been improvements and developments but the basic idea remains the same. We have simply taken it to another level to give you our superb solution Groundshield®.

If we are to convince you that the Groundshield® system is the best option for your building foundation we need to provide a list of advantages and benefits so here goes..

Groundshield® components work together to give you an energy efficient, self shuttering, lightweight foundation system that is quick and easy to install, requires the minimum amount of excavation work and is the best solution available in the UK.

    Quick Quote Service

    Advanced Foundation Technology will respond directly and quickly to your enquiry and in most cases will give you a quotation in less than 48 hours. We will need the following information from you in order to provide an accurate Quick Quote is the following:

    – Architects drawings showing foundations.
    – Loadings of external and internal walls.
    – If possible a geology report that verifies that the ground
    – bearing capacity is within 70 kPa/m2.

    We can offer a complete package and provide the best solution for your foundation & a summary of what the Advanced Foundation Groundshield© Slab Foundation System offers.

    If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please call or email directly:

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