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Brick & Block Building Slab Foundations

EcoRaft MonoBeam

The EcoRaft MonoBeam combines the very best features of both lightweight and high load capacity EPS shuttering. It’s unique monolithic design supports both inner and outer walls, whilst still maintaining a shallow foundation overall. MonoBeam can incorporate piles where these are required to further extend its use in many ground conditions.

Perfect for those looking for a modern eco-friendly foundation for a traditional building.

EcoRaft MonoBeam Benefits

· Suitable For Traditional Brick & Block Buildings
· Can be adapted for use in Poor Ground Conditions
· Reduced Siteworks
· Lightweight, Moisture Resistant EPS
· U Value >0.1 W/M2k
· Minimal Thermal Bridging
· High Load Capacity
· Reduced Slab Thickness

MonoBeam, The Lightweight, Eco-friendly,
Cost Saving Raft Foundation System.

Thermal Bridging Explained

On passive projects where linear thermal bridging is a very important one EcoRaft can greatly reduce the amount of heat loss around the perimeter of the building and in turn help achieve good SAP ratings.
EcoRaft Double L does this by separating the inner leaves of the wall from the outer leaves. All using AFT’s specially designed perimeter elements.

Eco Friendly Foundation

The EcoRaft Double L is the perfect foundation for those looking to minimise energy bills due to its ultra low slab U value and low linear thermal bridging.

Building Foundation Experts

We are building foundation experts offering completely new, innovative, eco-friendly insulated raft designs with outstanding thermal performance to solve your foundation problems.

Types Of Building Raft Foundations

EcoRaft and MonoBeam are a unique way to construct a superbly insulated, strong, speedy foundation for a variety of house designs, and in many ground conditions.

Timber, Steel, ICF Framed Building Foundations

Timber, Steel, ICF Framed Building Foundations

EcoRaft Type L

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Passive Building

Passive Building<br/>Foundation

EcoRaft Double L

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Brick & Block Building Foundation

Brick & Block Building Foundation

EcoRaft Monobeam

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Learn more about our raft designs

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    – Architects drawings showing foundations.
    – Loadings of external and internal walls.
    – If possible a geology report that verifies that the ground
    – bearing capacity is within 70 kPa/m2.

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