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John Pearce Riddy


John lives with his wife in Devon and was keen on using Groundshield as his insulated foundation. He had an ICF system with outer brick cladding as an external wall system. This design is of no problem for the Groundshield system. (see pictures). The insulation was delivered by Springvale and AFT personal did the installation within four days.

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    Advanced Foundation Technology will respond directly and quickly to your enquiry and in most cases will give you a quotation in less than 48 hours. We will need the following information from you in order to provide an accurate Quick Quote is the following:

    – Architects drawings showing foundations.
    – Loadings of external and internal walls.
    – If possible a geology report that verifies that the ground
    – bearing capacity is within 70 kPa/m2.

    We can offer a complete package and provide the best solution for your foundation & a summary of what the Advanced Foundation Groundshield© Slab Foundation System offers.

    If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please call or email directly:

    • Telephone 07399 711129
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