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Hello, welcome to Advanced Foundation Technology……

As a well established engineering company in Sweden we have designed and created a superb foundation product called Groundshield © and are very excited to be promoting, marketing and supplying this amazingly simple but very reliable system to house builders in the UK.

Groundshield© is suitable for all types of buildings  both commercial and residential but is absolutely perfect for any self build project.

Our Slab Foundation techniques have been developed over 20 years and are absolutely tried, tested and trusted throughout Scandinavia.

The main ingredient is expanded polystyrene which along with its long-life qualities plus its tremendous compressive strength means that when installed Groundshield© can offer outstanding performance for the lifetime of the building.

This type of foundation system is already well established throughout Northern Europe and will become the standard method for future housebuilding projects in the UK. So far well over 1 million square metres of this type of EPS system have been installed in Scandinavia, which proves beyond any doubt that their architects, specifiers and builders are totally convinced of the qualities and advantages that Groundshield© has to offer.

Since establishing our base here in the UK we have already been involved in a number of successful self-build projects, you can see more about them in our Case Studies section.

Here are some very important facts and details about the Groundshield© System and why you should consider it for your project.

  • The Groundshield© Slab Foundation System becomes the finished floor therefore, eliminating the need for screed to be applied.
  • The thermal performance of Groundshield© is outstanding and your foundation can achieve U values as low as 0.075 W/m2k, and psi values as low as 0,045 W/m.k or less. Advanced Foundation Technology Groundshield© Slab Foundations are the ideal solution for passivhaus and other low energy efficient houses.
  • No expensive wooden shuttering is required during construction. The Groundshield© Slab Foundation System supports the entire structure on lightweight but tremendously compressively strong EPS (expanded polystyrene) which is non-biodegradable and has a lifetime of hundreds of years.
  • A typical Groundshield© Slab Foundation installation for an average dwelling takes approximately three days to complete* once the site has been prepared.

* Not including site preparation or pouring of concrete.

  • Our Advanced Foundation Technology team have over 20 years practical experience and are fully trained and qualified to provide professional support and advice on your project. Our engineers will also work alongside your architect and builders to give you the most economical and practical solution.

Mr. Mrs Thompsons plot in Isle of Harris before site work.

Excavation on site to level the plot.

All the utility service ducts are placed in the foundation. Hardcore and a layer of peastone is placed within the house perimeter. The self shuttering L-elements are placed around the perimeter, all the dimensions are checked thoroughly according to plans.

The first layer of 100mm EPS is installed. Next is the dpm is placed between 1st and 2nd layers of EPS. In total 300mm of EPS is placed in the foundation to achieve a U-value of 0,1 W/m2k.

Under floor heating is being installed on top of the third layer of EPS. Loops are placed according to the drawings and connected to manifold. The system is put under pressure for monitoring during the concrete pouring phase.

The foundation is now ready for pouring the concrete. The slab is poured in one single pour and then powerfloated to produce an excellent smooth finished floor.

The slab is done and backfilled around the perimeter ready for the next phase of construction.